Catcher's Mask

This mask is part of a series of assets for a baseball game I'm working on. The mask is based on the Force3 Pro catchers mask which is designed to deaden the impact of high velocity pitches to prevent concussions by using a unique spring based suspension system.

I made this mask Blender using splines to create the cage geometry, and the shader editor to create the materials which I then baked into 4 textures at 512x512 to keep the whole thing at a web friendly 330KB.

This is just one part of what would eventually be a full set of catchers gear, which is why the textures are laid out like an atlas. My plan is to use a single material for an entire set of catchers gear since they're constructed out of the same materials.

The current model has 4,268 triangles and a single material with baked diffuse, metallic, roughness, and normal, plus one additional material with a single alpha texture for the springs. I'll likely just model the springs and get rid of the alpha texture when I make the rest of the gear.